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Food and Agriculture 2024 Outlook

In this food and agriculture outlook, we discuss Roc Partners outlook on key trends in the sector including the impact of…  →

The rise of secondaries

GP-led secondary activity doubled in the latter half of 2023, indicating a growing trend likely to continue. Frewen Lam,…  →

Maximising agriculture investments with real assets

A key part of our food and agriculture strategy is investing in real assets and pairing them with the best management…  →

Deal opportunity across market segments

With varied opportunities across different segments of the private equity market, Investment Director Anna Ellis and…  →

Corporatisation journey of food production

Corporatisation is one of the largest mega trends in Australian food and agriculture. Managing Partner Brad Mytton and…  →

Expanding horizons for private credit

It’s an advantageous environment for private credit investors, with tighter covenant restrictions and manageable leverage…  →

Climate-resilient agriculture and food production

Agriculture with roofs is just one way companies are adapting to climate change in Australia. Partner Frank Barillaro…  →

Flavorite: Australia’s largest glasshouse operator

With over 70ha of produce under glass, Flavorite is a pioneer in glasshouse farming. A fully integrated business with…  →

Measuring financed emissions across our investments

In 2023, we’ve made further strides in measuring emissions across our portfolio companies and partnering to establish / prioritise.  →

ESG highlights from FY2023

In FY2023 our ESG team continued to engage and partner with portfolio companies and further formalise processes.  →

Integrating ESG to maximize value for investors

We remain dedicated to enhancing value in our portfolio companies throughout our ownership.  →

Hive and Wellness Group


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The Local Broadband Network Company (LBNCo) is an installer and owner of superfast broadband networks in residential developments. LBNCo is engaged by property developers to install and maintain the fibre infrastructure, and sells ‘wholesale’ network acces to the retail service providers who then provide services to the tenants. LBNCo is now part of Uniti Group (ASX: UWL) following its acquisition in August 2019.

Stone Axe Pastoral


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Stone Axe is a producer of ultra-premium wagyu beef. The company has operations in NSW, QLD, WA and Victoria and is actively growing its herd via large scale embryto transfer program. Stone Axe has rapidly grown to become on of the largest fool blood wagyu producers in the world.