Outlook: 2H 2023

H2 Outlook 2023

In this market outlook, we discuss Roc Partners’ 2H 2023 outlook for private markets including the impact of continued uncertainty in the Australian market on private credit and capital deployment opportunities, as well as the key factors driving activity levels in the global secondaries market.

Outlook: 1H 2023

Outlook 1H 2023

In this market outlook we discuss Roc Partners’ 2023 outlook for investment opportunities within private markets including the impacts of higher inflation and interest rates, changes to institutional allocations to private markets, the growth in Asia-Pacific secondaries, and trends in food and agriculture.

Private Credit: An Australian Perspective

private credit

The Australian private debt market reached $133 billion at the end of 2021, up by $100 billion over five years. While private credit is growing, the asset class is not widely understood by investors. Simply put, private credit is non-bank lending provided to private, sponsored and public companies; the debt is not issued or traded on public markets and as such benefits from an illiquidity risk premium, which can help to drive investor returns.

Hive and Wellness Group


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The Local Broadband Network Company (LBNCo) is an installer and owner of superfast broadband networks in residential developments. LBNCo is engaged by property developers to install and maintain the fibre infrastructure, and sells ‘wholesale’ network acces to the retail service providers who then provide services to the tenants. LBNCo is now part of Uniti Group (ASX: UWL) following its acquisition in August 2019.

Stone Axe Pastoral


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Stone Axe is a producer of ultra-premium wagyu beef. The company has operations in NSW, QLD, WA and Victoria and is actively growing its herd via large scale embryto transfer program. Stone Axe has rapidly grown to become on of the largest fool blood wagyu producers in the world.