Media release: Agribusiness Fund Manager of the Year and Deal of the Year Awards (Asia-Pacific)

Roc Partners celebrates a double victory with prestigious accolades for Agribusiness Fund Manager of the Year and Deal of the Year in the Asia Pacific region. These awards recognise Roc Partners’ outstanding contributions to the agricultural sector and its transformative deal-making, solidifying its position as a leader in agribusiness investment.

Sydney, Australia – April 15, 2024 – 

“We are privileged to be presented with Agri Investor Awards across multiple categories over the past three years”, Brad Mytton, Managing Director at Roc Partners. “Our commitment to delivering solid returns is anchored in a strategy focused on careful asset selection, disciplined valuation, fostering strong partnerships, and the thoughtful integration of ESG principles into our investment approach.”

Drawing on over 100 years of collective experience and a robust portfolio of A$2.5 billion in food and agriculture investments, Roc Partners has built a specialised team dedicated to crafting investment strategies attuned to economic and consumer trends within the food and agriculture chain. Notable investments include premium brands such as Stone Axe, Australia’s Oyster Coast, Flavorite, Pace Farm, ProTen and Lachlan River Almonds.

In collaboration with co-investors, Roc Partners completed the acquisition of Pace Farm in August 2023. This deal, which clinched the coveted Deal of the Year (Asia Pacific) award, showcases Roc Partners’ strategic vision and execution capability. The acquisition of Pace Farm, a cornerstone in Australia’s egg industry, not only reinforces Roc Partners’ footprint in the Australian agricultural market but also propels Pace Farm’s transition towards sustainable, cage-free production methods.

Roc Partners’ unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has earned it the prestigious title of Agribusiness Fund Manager of the Year (Asia Pacific). With over two decades of investment experience spanning diverse sectors such as horticulture, livestock, aquaculture, and infrastructure, Roc Partners has consistently delivered exceptional returns and fostered sustainable growth. This award underscores Roc Partners’ commitment to driving value for investors, portfolio companies, and the broader agricultural community. Later this year, Roc Partners plan to launch their next food and agriculture fund to both local and global investors.

“As the landscape of investment continues to evolve, we’re witnessing a growing appetite among sophisticated investors and wealth managers to explore private market opportunities,” Michael Lukin, Group Managing Partner at Roc Partners. “At Roc Partners, we remain committed to delivering value to our investors through our specialised expertise in private markets.”

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