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Investment solutions

Investment solutions

A pioneer in private markets

With the potential for diversification and returns, private markets are becoming an integral part of investors’ portfolios.

our approach

We manage capital for some of Australia’s largest institutions and superannuation funds and offer investment solutions for family offices, foundations, endowments and high net worth investors across the world.

Enduring relationships with investors are at the very heart of our business, our values and how we operate. Understanding our clients’ objectives is critical in enabling us to develop bespoke solutions that maximise long-term value from their investments. 


Our investment solutions for sophisticated investors include:

Separately Managed Accounts

We have provided bespoke, separately managed account solutions to clients since 2003. Our primary objective is to develop long-term trusted partnerships that create enduring value and returns for our clients. We achieve this through tailored investment programs that leverage our extensive experience and on-the-ground expertise.

Commingled Vehicles

We provide commingled vehicles for several specific investment strategies, including:

Significant Investor Visa

Our SIV-complying fund invests in late-stage growth capital and small to mid-cap private equity buyouts. This strategy is a continuation of our core Australian investment strategy. SIV applicants benefit from the governance and risk controls instilled within our organisation during our 25+ year history of investing on behalf of leading Australian institutions.

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